Saturday, September 21, 2013

Be Bold. Embrace Change...

Feeling the need to let some thoughts flow...

First, I've partnered with a wonderful new business venture that includes helping people look their best.  ( Gaining confidence and embracing aging (because we can't stop the clock people).  For the really bold people in my life - I'd love to partner up with them to help them fulfill goals they have. Whether it is confidence in something new, extra money for fun things, expanding their network, or just have some influence on the lives of others.   

It has taken me time to fully embrace my recent life transitions.  In the past 2 years...I decided to become a student again (lifetime, right?).  I chose to do the hard work of healing past hurts.  I married my very handsome best friend (and 5th grade crush).  I became a full time Momma.  I reluctantly decided I did not want to continue pursuing my high tech sales career.  I humbly and faithfully made the decision to stay at home and care for my family.

During this journey, I have felt discouraged and encouraged.  Many of my friends could not understand why I would choose not to work.  I mean really, I do reside in the Bay Area known as Silicon Valley, and it is quite expensive to boot.  I've always been part of the hustle and bustle.  I had chosen to know no other way... until I finally got quiet.  Sat still.  Just listened.  (Oh, and for those that know me - I cannot believe I closed down the internet browser at 12:20 am on 9/20/13 and chose not to purchase the iPhone 5s.  What is happening??! lol)

That is when it finally hit me.  I am passionate about people, not things.  Mainly, women and children, but I had this overwhelming desire to love people, walk by people, and encourage them in their journey.  To have a servant hood mindset.  To seek out what is most important to them and encourage them to pursue it.  To help them put fear into its proper place.   Gently remind them fear should ignite the fire (passion) to follow their hearts desire. Desire is placed in our hearts for a reason.  Generally, fear paralyzes us from doing anything about it.  So, I have boldly decided I won't sit around waiting for life to happen.  I intend to make it happen.  For me.  For my family.  For those lives I encounter on my journey. 

I am excited to be part of change. To encourage and lovingly walk by people who want to help themselves live bold, live loud, and live with intention. Live with Truth.  I'll accept all the no's to get to those yes' that want to be bold.  To live a life that they can say "Ahh, I may not have a million in the bank, but wow I am rich in love and in blessings!" It's how I feel when I see people light up about their transformation of mind, body, and Spirit.  I had no idea it would lead me to this moment... helping people look their best one day at a time.

Choosing to invest in myself and others is a huge blessing for me.  When we feel good about our appearance we just generally have the over all confidence to tackle the world --- accept the adversity with less fear, fight for what we're passionate about, understand that others needs love and encouragement, and to know that each day we have touched someone's life in a positive way. Even if its just to say 'Hey, I am thinking about you.  Praying for you.'  It is my prayer that my new venture will allow me to give back to what is important to me.  Helping women (and men) be confident in who they are.  Understanding and accepting they are wonderful as they are. Come as you are.  Grow.  Learn.  To be fearless as they invest in themselves to achieve whatever dreams or goals they have -- big or seemingly small.  We deserve it.  We are all beautiful.

Amen! <3


  1. Amazing words, from the heart and soul, of an amazing woman... who is the exemplar of so many things in my life. Thank you for having the courage and strength to speak from your heart and share your truth, with the world.

    I love you Mindi!!!

  2. I love this, and I love you!!! :)

  3. Mrs Mindi you have always been a light in my life. I know that you will be a light in many others lives too.