Tuesday, February 5, 2013

House or Home?

Always such a great question and a tough one to really argue in today's world and culture.

*Artwork by Amanda Bentley (step daughter and teacher of Love for me)
From my perspective, at least here in the Bay Area, it's a hustle and bustle, gain more, think only of myself.  Ahh, at times it can be too much. The message too confusing.  The self fulfilling message that is pushed upon us daily through media and in general feels like I can never have enough, am not enough, or can't see enough.  No, thank you.  I choose being humbled instead. 

Recently, I've had the blessing to help be part of raising another child.  He is a wonderful, lively, intelligent, 13 year old young man.  If he had his way, he might define himself as a gamer, but this Step-mom is to mean to let him sit hours upon hours playing "fake" life.  In my home, I choose to teach him about "real" life.

So, I ask what does that even look like? I believe a house is something we live in.  A home is where we can share our deepest thoughts, laugh together, cry together, be authentic and real, open and honest.  In the moments of heated passion, it can also be a learning lesson for our son.  My husband and I don't try and hide the fact that we are two Godly, yet passionate, and deep, rooted in Love indivudals.  We work hard at playing in the sandbox fairly (I am sure I could improve at not throwing so much sand).  We accept each other for our differences and embrace that we have our own creative and crazy minds.  We both strive to be open and honest with our son.  Teaching him that life is a series of lessons and the wisest learn their lessons from others.  Why re-invent the wheel? Honestly, if that path one of us took burned; why take that stinking path?  Trust me, the fun doesn't outweigh the pain. #truth

For a moment I asked, can I do this again?  Now I know, I can do all things through Him, who has created me.  So, today I will choose to be the best step-mom I can be.  Flaws and all. I will choose to let go of pride, ego, and envy.  I'll make this choice daily. Being confident in knowing, in spite of my many weaknesses, He can work powerful changes and teachings (lessons) through me.   Amen!


  1. I love you Mindi... Thank you God for this amazing woman, wife and mother.....!!! Thank you!!! I am blessed. Amen.

  2. Double and Triple AMEN! That is LOVE.